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What is SITbics?

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Manipulative Stretching:


This is anatomy-based stretching in which,

using a chair and sitting on it, you can acquire a right posture,

remove swelling, relieve stiff shoulders and prevent backache.

Strength Training:


Strength training to neatly arrange your body and body trunk, and aim for muscle aches.

Aerobic Exercise:


Aerobic exercise which improves a sense of rhythm

and is effective for efficient dieting and losing weigh




SITbics is a word combining “sit” and “aerobic.”

Sitting exercise is often associated with easy exercise without sweating.

I want to change the situation.

This is as easy as you can do in your office or home with a chair and smal space.

In addition, you can adjust exercise intensity as you want.

I have improved this exercise to offer the most suitable exercise to each customer.

For example, strength training for male customers and posture improvement, relief of stiff shoulder or removal swelling for female customers.

I will continue to promote SITbics so that it can be seen anywhere.




Tokyu BE (Futago-Tamagawa, Tama-Plaza) Hokuoh Kurashino Douguten, Chinese medicine stress management, Sento (public bath) office, etc…


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*86% of new customers have repeated our original method (survey in 2019).

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